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Finally made it through all the grammatical edits for The Spear of Longinus; now time to tackle a few time line and 'this could be better' issues. #inthehomestretch. #lightattheendofthetunnel

I received my fourth manuscript back from my editor and currently in the process of doing the final edit pass. In other words, editing, editing, and even some more editing. 🙂

Isaiah Tiller's 4th story The Spear of Longinus is officially out for final editing.

I have edited 100 out of 135 pages of The Spear of Longinus. I should have my edit pass on the rough draft completed tomorrow and then off for a 3rd party edit review. Once I address all of his notes, then make ready for download!

Finished the rough draft of scene 15 of The Wolf Pack. Still have a fair amount of changes, additions, and rewrites to do, but the rough draft of the final story arc is complete. Time to do final edits on #4 and get it ready for distribution.

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