A Few Words from the Author

For some strange reason you wish to know more about me, well then, here’s a brief run down: My name is Andrew Simmons and I’m a 15 year animation veteran from the Walt Disney Animation Studio in Orlando, FL. I worked on most of the animated movies from The Little Mermaid, the Lion King, to Brother Bear doing various jobs as: Cel Painter, Traditional Film Camera, and Final Check.

During my time in the field of animation, I spent many hours learning exactly how Disney went about telling a story. I was able to watch film stories grow and refine as the process of completing the film went along. Soon I started writing and developing my own ideas and Isaiah Tiller is one of the many ideas which sprung from my time at Disney.

The concept for Isaiah Tiller started when I was gaming some Call of Cthulhu with a local group I used to play with years ago. I wanted to play a character which stood up for what I believed in, even if it was just a game world. I created an ex-pastor who went around destroying evil. The game character ended up dying in one session, but I enjoyed the idea so much I resurrected the character in one of my first short stories. If I was to describe the essence of Isaiah and what one can expect when reading his adventures, it would be this: one part faith, one part action, and one part classics film monsters with a modern day twist.

Since I left Disney I have been published twice: first in the Zonderkidz manga: TOMO: I was an eighth grade ninja and secondly in the Veggie Tales Bible. The 1st Tomo manga won a Bronze Medal for excellence from the Moonbeam Children’s book awards and as for the Veggie Tales Bible, I took eight of the Veggie Tales DVDs and adapted the stories to only four pages each of comic book format.

Thank you.

Andrew Simmons