A Few Words from the Author

For some strange reason you wish to know more about me, well then, here’s a brief run down: My name is Andrew Simmons and I’m a 15 year animation veteran from the Walt Disney Animation Studio in Orlando, FL. I worked on most of the animated movies from The Little Mermaid, the Lion King, to Brother Bear doing various jobs as: Cel Painter, Traditional Film Camera, and Final Check.

During my time in the field of animation, I spent many hours learning exactly how Disney went about telling a story. I was able to watch film stories grow and refine as the process of completing the film went along. Soon I started writing and developing my own ideas and stories and Isaiah Tiller is one of the many ideas to come out of my time at Disney.

The concept for Isaiah Tiller started when I was gaming some Call of Cthulhu with a local group I used to play with years ago. I wanted to play a character which stood up for what I believed in, even if it was just a game world. I created an ex-pastor that went around destroying evil. The game character ended up dying in one session, but I enjoyed the idea so much I resurrected the character in one of my first short stories. I have spent the last fifteen plus years refining the idea. If I was to describe the essence of Isaiah and what one can expect when reading his adventures, it would be this: one part faith, one part action, and one part classics monsters with a modern twist.

Since I left Disney I have been published twice: first in the Zonderkidz manga:TOMO: I was an eighth grade ninja and secondly in the Veggie Tales Bible. The 1st Tomo manga won a Bronze Medal for excellence from the Moonbeam Children’s book awards. As for the Veggie Tales Bible, I took eight of the Veggie Tales DVDs and reduced/adapted the stories to only four pages each of comic book format. It was a fun challenge to determine the core essence of each story as some of those scripts were a lot longer than four pages. 🙂


Andrew Simmons