Isaiah: And the Night is Gray

“Wrong,” Isaiah replied as he squeezed his open water bottle at Gray. The bottle’s contents splashed all over Gray’s jacket and the holy water started to burn his flesh through his clothes. Isaiah pulled out his MP5Ks from under his long coat and aimed them at Amanda and Victoria. Before they could react, Isaiah opened fire on them. The holy water bullets ripped through their upper bodies, setting them on fire. The sound and flashes of the guns going off was covered over by the loud music and strobe lights in the nightclub by all but the closest people to the table who started backing away from the action, intent on leaving the club.

Gray was momentarily stunned but recovered quickly as he ripped his steaming shirt and jacket off. He jumped over the table with incredible speed and struck out at Isaiah with a massive kick before Isaiah could finish unloading his ammo into the female vampires. The force of the kick sent Isaiah flying into the crowd of people on the dance floor. The club’s music pounded hard as Isaiah quickly stood up and opened fire on Gray with a small burst of his right MP5K and a scream of rage. More people began to notice what was going on and they started to leave the club in a hurry.

Gray absorbed the hits of bullets and holy water and charged at Isaiah. He threw multiple punches that Isaiah was able to block and redirect. Gray lashed out with more strikes and then ducked down, kicking out at Isaiah’s right leg. Isaiah spun around and Gray grabbed the back of his jacket and kicked him in the small of his back. Isaiah was pushed right out of his jacket and shoulder harness. Gray slowly dropped them to the dance floor with a smile on his face.

“Let’s see how you do without your toys.”


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Isaiah: The Spirit of the Tree

It was very late in the evening and the sky above the glass-covered garden was dark, as the moon had already set. The garden was very peaceful for Ichiro Katsumi as he walked the main path near a small babbling stream. A few moments later, he settled on an old wooden bench beside the running brook. The sound of the moving water always helped him to relax, so he closed his eyes and rested his head for a few minutes. Soon the beeping of his watch told him he needed to return to his late night work. He stood up and stretched as his ear caught the faint sound of singing drifting on a non-apparent breeze.

“Where is that coming from?” he wondered to himself aloud as he strained to listen.

Ichiro’s curiosity caught the better of him as he walked toward the soft melody. He followed the man-made brook and came upon a Japanese maiden dressed in a full kimono sitting at the water’s edge. She had a basket of Japanese pears on the ground next to her and was singing ever so softly. Ichiro watched from behind a bush for a few minutes before he decided it was time to present himself.

“Excuse me young lady, but may I be of some help to you?” he asked in Japanese as he stepped into the open. The maiden focused her attention on Ichiro as she gracefully stood to her feet. Her singing grew louder and completely mesmerized Ichiro. She held out her arms and he started walking toward her. His face displayed total bliss as he found himself wrapped in her outstretched arms. She raised her lips up to his and they kissed. Tears of joy streamed down his face as the magic of the moment touched his soul. Then without warning, it was replaced by pain as tree roots erupted out of the ground and dug their way into Ichiro’s legs. He tried to scream, but he could not pull his lips off hers. His body shook violently as the roots made their way up into his abdomen. Ichiro ceased to struggle when they pierced his heart. The maiden let go of him and he fell to the ground, his dead eyes open wide in terror and blood dripping from his mouth. She continued to sing the hauntingly beautiful song with her blood red lips as she disappeared into the garden.

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Isaiah: The Chessmen

A Calvert County Sheriff’s car pulled up in the driveway to an exclusive bed and breakfast on the shore of Chesapeake Bay as the rays of the sun’s first morning light shone down. The sheriff officer was talking on his cell phone as he exited the patrol car.

“Trish, sorry I’m running late, and yes, this will be my last stop.” There was a moment of silence and then the sheriff officer replied as he stopped at the front door of the bed and breakfast. “Yes . . . I promise . . . my last stop.” He sighed as he hung up his cell phone and knocked on the front door. The door slowly opened with a quiet squeak from the force of his knock.

“Hello?” he tentatively called out. “This is Officer Reynolds of the Calvert Country Sheriff Department. Is anyone home?” Officer Reynolds unsnapped his Glock 37 but left it in his holster. He slowly entered the house with his right hand on his pistol ready for action. “Hello?” he called out again as he passed into the main hallway of the house. “We had a complaint about the noise.” A few more moments of silence passed as he made his way back to the main living area.

“Heeeelllllllooooo, is anyone here . . .?” Officer Reynolds’ voice trailed off and his eyes grew wide in shock as the scene in the spacious living room unfolded in front of him. Everything in the room was streaked with blood: the chairs, the floor, the sofa, and the bookcases. The blood-splashed flat screen TV on the wall was still playing. Body parts were tossed about the room as if a giant whirlwind ripped multiple people apart. Bile instantly hit the roof of Officer Reynolds’ mouth as his stomach churned at the gruesome sight. Forcing down the need to vomit, he slowly started backing out of the house, when he heard a long deep grow.

Officer Reynolds peered over the open bar to the kitchen and what he saw there would stay with him the rest of his life; a crouched figure leaned over a dead body and with a sickening sound lifted its head back as it tore a chunk of the person’s neck off. The creature stared at Officer Reynolds as flesh dangled from the creature’s oversized mouth. The terrorized officer yelled and bolted for the front door. He ran out into the morning light and slammed hard into the side of his car. Quickly turning with his Glock drawn back to where he thought the creature was, he opened fire in fear for his very life. The bullets impacted on the front door and it swung inward again; but the creature was nowhere to be seen. The look of sheer terror never left Reynolds’ eyes as he stared motionless back at the house.

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Isaiah: The Spear of Longinus

Isaiah spotted Mr. Roberts a few meters away. Still in his biped form, half of his face burnt, Mr. Roberts rose to his feet. Wisps of smoke from his smoldering hairs filled the air. A hint of fear burned in his eyes as he looked at Isaiah.

“Come, Mr. Roberts,” Isaiah said, awed by what he held in his hands. “Come and dance with the finger of God.” For a moment, Isaiah and Mr. Roberts glared hard at each other and with a sudden burst of speed, they charged. Mr. Roberts leaped across the distance in a heartbeat with his claws extended and his mouth wide open to kill. Isaiah lunged forward with the spear burning bright.

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